Custom eMail Newsletters
Want to keep your customers, marina tenants, yacht members engaged? There's no better way than sending them a regular monthly eNewsletter. But creating a newsletter that is interesting and engaging involves some commitment and effort. At BlueSkyNews, we take that burden off your shoulders. How?

1st   We interview you around the 20th of each month to find out
        what's happening at your company or organization

2nd  We create a format for your newsletter that emulates the 
        "message, look, and feel" of your desired marketing theme

3rd   We set up a proprietary secure subscriber database for
         your eNewsletter

4th   We import your eMail databases from all of your office
         PCs contact folders into that central database

5th   We set up a form to put on your website to let website
         visitors subscribe to your eNewsletter

6th   We create, draft, and edit each eNewsletter for your approval
        using the information you gave us and adding relevant
        additional articles of interest written by our stable of authors

7th   After approval by you, we eBroadcast the eNewsletter to
        your proprietary database

Sound too good to be true? Click Here to check out custom eNewsletters we produce for our clients, – then give us a call to get started on your own. We can even assist you in accepting advertising in your eNewsletter to offset the costs if desired.

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