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Greetings, and thank you for visiting the website. One of my major functions at the company (in addition to sweeping floors and emptying the trash) is to field questions from prospective customers who are basically asking why they should consider using our internet marketing services.

It's an important consideration for any business. Lots of companies these days can create fancy websites, advertisements, eNewsletters, eMail broadcasts, and set up social media, but they're not worth a hill of beans unless they are all coordinated, and they make incrementally more money for the company than they cost to create.

This is's advantage. Our team is 100% business oriented, as well as extensively trained on how to treat your eMail database as a serious company asset.

So on this page, we thought we'd list some basic questions our customers have asked that you may also have on your mind.

                                                    Gus Giobbi - Chairman

Q: Is focused 100% to the boating and yachting industry?

A: Yes – Although all of our services are universal to any industry, we are boaters ourselves, and as such we have an advantage in understanding the marine industry business needs.

Q: I'm interested in knowing about your advertising opportunities. What do you have to offer?

A: publishes monthly eMail newsletters on behalf of seventeen San Diego area marinas, including Bay Club Marina, Gold Coast Anchorage, Half Moon Marina, Hyatt Regency Mission Bay Marina, Kona and Kona Kai Marinas, Loews Crown Isle Marina, Marriott Marquis San Diego Marina, Marina Cortez, Marina Village, Oceanside Harbor Marina, Seaforth Marina, Shelter Cove Marina, Sheraton San Diego Hotel &Marina, Sun Harbor Marina, Sunroad Marina, and Shelter Island Marina. Between these and the general eNewsletter, the total number of eMail subscribers exceeds 12,000.

Q: What are the demographics of those 12,000 subscribers?

A: They are all in the boating and yachting industry. 79% are actual boat owners; the other 21% are made up of people in the marine services industry such as,– marine retailers, yacht maintenance services, brokers, boatyards, etc. – The list is almost 100% California, Arizona, and Nevada.

Q: I'm interested in knowing about your website development capabilities. What do you have to offer there?

A: We create websites from scratch and also do redesign and facelifts of outdated web sites. What set us apart from the competition is our ability to collect eMail addresses and demographics from visitors to your website; add analytics to see who's visiting and which website pages; set up eStore capabilities to take credit card orders; develop strategy to drive more traffic to the website; tie in social media such as Facebook and LinkedIn; provide assistance with the creative writing for the website; and modernize and simplify the look and feel and navigation of the website.

Q: I understand you also produce eNewsletters for other clients. How does that work?

A: We produce monthly eNewsletters for marinas, yacht clubs, maritime associations, and marine services companies. First, we interview you around the each month to find out what's happening at your company or organization. With your input, we create a format for your newsletter that emulates the "message, look, and feel" of your desired marketing theme. We then set up a proprietary secure subscriber database for your eNewsletter and import your eMail databases of all of your contact folders into that central database. We also set up a form to put on your website to let visitors subscribe to your eNewsletter. Then we create, draft, and edit each eNewsletter for your approval using the information you gave us and adding relevant additional articles of interest written by our stable of authors - after approval by you, we eBroadcast the eNewsletter to your proprietary database.

Q: I see you offer help setting up social media for clients. Do I really need social media for my business?

A: Nobody "needs" social media, but businesses that don't take advantage of social media are missing out on today's most cost effective marketing/sales tool to ever come along.

Q:: Fine,– but there's a social media something or other for darnn near everything – which one should I choose?

A: For a business, we recommend Facebook and LinkedIn as a must. Over half of Americans have a Facebook account; LinkedIn has a fraction of that amount, but it's preferred over Facebook by many business people. Facebook and LinkedIn can also be linked together.

Q: What about Twitter?

A: If you have any energy left over after getting set up on Facebook and LinkedIn, Twitter would be icing on the cake because most iPhone and cell phone people use it on the go. The rule is though, don't set up any social media unless you intend to monitor and "feed" it (no pun intended). To set one up and ignore it is worse than not setting it up at all.

Q: O.K. – I'm interested, but I still don't know what social media can do for my business and why it works.

A: Answer: Social media is so powerful because it can extend your business contacts exponentially. If you post something interesting and useful that someone "likes", that person's friends are notified that he/she "liked" it, and if one of those people "like" it too, all of their friends are notified, and so on indefinitely.

Q: Sounds great – why do I need to help me with this? Can't I do it myself?

A: Yes, you can – but why would you, when for an initial setup fee of only $295.00, will set up your Facebook business page, upload photos, create the profile, and follow it through to registration. For an additional $50.00 per month, we'll even "feed" it for you with weekly posts.

Q: That's all terrific! One last question, we occasionally have events at our business. What do you have to help to promote an event?

A: The most targeted and cost effective way is to send a dedicated eMail broadcast of your event flyer to your list and ours combined. Works great for all sorts of events including: open house, swap meets, special vendor presentations and demonstrations; boat/yacht shows; membership drives; charity events; races/regattas; fishing tournaments and product sales/announcements.

We get to ask the last question:
Q: Why wait?

A: Send us an email to get started taking advantage of our great marketing and sales services! And thanks for asking!

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