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Tired of taking your boat out for the same old bay cruise? Why not mix it up and try one of Southern California's paradise of places to take a different kind of cruise. In this section of the's website, we'll be sharing new and unusual places to go. Be sure to click on the "like" button, and we'll let you know when we've added new destinations.

Weekend Getaways
The difference between a "Getaway" and a "Raft-Up" is the difference between being able to have a spa treatment versus taking a shower on the swim step. In this permanent feature of BlueSkyNews we will be bringing you information about venues where you can rent a slip, enjoy all of the amenities of a hotel or resort, and maybe even order room service.

Boater's Getaway of the Month -
   Loews Coronado Bay Resort

For that very very special occasion, or if your idea of a raft up is having room service on your boat, nothing beats taking your boat to Loews Coronado Bay Resort for a few days.

Getting There: Loews is located about 5 miles south of the bridge (See map), and if it's your first visit, make sure you consult a bay chart, because there are definitely some shallow spots to avoid, both on the approach and in the bay in general. If you're heading South from the bridge, be sure to go through one of the center spans (it's very shallow on the right hand side) and then it's a straight shot through mostly 12 foot water to buoy number one at the entrance to Loews. Again, make sure you shoot for the number one buoys and don't take any shortcuts into or out of the channel. If you're coming across to Loews from the Chula Vista side, there is a relatively narrow channel you'll need to follow.

About the Slips at Loews: To see if a slip is available at Loews, call the resort at 619-424-4000 and ask for the Marina Office. The price depends on the length of your boat ($1.75 per foot as of this writing), so that's a pretty good deal compared to just having a room. The docks have 30 and 50 amp power and fresh water hookups but you need to bring your own power cord and freshwater hose. If you remember to bring your coax cable, there is also cable TV. Last, but not least, the marina will arrange for dockside pump-out if desired.

The Resort: The beauty of all this is that as a marina tenant, you have the availability of all that the resort has to offer. Lighted, bay-side tennis courts, tennis pro, Sea Spa featuring 15 treatment areas for massage, facial and body services; spa manicures and pedicures; steam, sauna, relaxation lounge; and a complete fitness center and aerobic studio with group and private classes in fitness and relaxation.

There are three outdoor swimming pools (including an adult section), whirlpools and expansive deck areas. Bicycle, roller blade, wave runner, sailboat, motorboat and paddle boat rentals are also available. If you prefer the beach, there is direct access to the Silver Strand State Beach via a private pedestrian underpass . For that super romantic touch, you can hire a gondola complete with a serenading gondolier and have an evening romantic cruise through the nearby canals. Lastly, if you happen to be there on a Sunday, the Sunday brunch is an experience not to be believed.

Other Amenities: Just want a morning shower? If you're at Loews, forget about the moldy facilities you left behind at your marina. At Loews, there are fresh towels, disposable razors, shampoo, hair dryers, conditioners, body soaps, and other niceties. While you're there, attendants silently do small things like lay out fresh shower mats for you.

The Bottom Line: highly recommends a special getaway at Loews. The staff is extremely friendly, and there are many other aspects of a visit there that we haven't even mentioned, including a gift shop with some unique items we've not seen before. And yes, we weren't kidding, you can actually order room service on your boat if you want.

Loews Coronado Bay Resort & Spa
4000 Coronado Bay Road
Coronado, CA 92118
Phone: 619-424-4000
Fax: 619-424-4400
Link to map

Editor's Note: We will be adding new boater's getaways to this web page each month. If you have a favorite getaway that you'd like us to investigate, please e-mail and we'll try to feature it in the near future.

Rafting Up Anchorages
There are five anchorages within San Diego Bay and one in Mission Bay that are popularly used. Permits are required for most areas. Contact the Harbor Police Mooring Office, on VHF Ch-16 or (619) 686-6227 for permits in the San Diego Bay and the San Diego Lifeguard Services for Mission Bay at 619-221-8899.

San Diego Bay
La Playa Cove (A-1) is between the Southwestern and San Diego Yacht Clubs, in the Shelter Island Basin. This is a weekend anchorage only, from 0900 Friday to 0900 Monday and requires a permit. Vessels anchoring here must have holding tanks.

Cruiser Anchorage (A-9) is an anchorage for 'out of town' boats only. It is south of the Coast Guard Station, east of Harbor Island. Contact the mooring office for an inspection by a Bay Control Officer prior to the issuance of a permit. The A-9 permit is good for 30 days, and is renewable for up to 90 days total.

Glorietta Bay (A-5) east of golf course, is one of the big favorites here in San Diego. Located at Coronado Island, it is in view of the Hotel Del Coronado, an old and well known hotel. Anchor here for the 4th of July and have the best seats in San Diego for the fireworks displays!

Glorietta Bay (A-5) south of golf course, this anchorage sweeps along what is almost a peninsula that forms Glorietta Bay. There are some very shallow areas within the anchorage in the vicinity of the Coronado Bridge, on the order of 4 to 6 feet.

Mission Bay: Bonita Cove is another great anchorage. It is located to port as you exit the channel that forms the entrance to Mission Bay. A permit is now required for the anchorage.

The San Diego Mooring Company rents and maintains the 437 moorings located throughout San Diego Bay. There are four different locations. Parking and shore services are not provided. At two locations there are public dinghy docks (Laurel Street and America's Cup Harbor and the other two have a beach stay chain to lock your dinghy to. (Bay bridge and Shelter Island)

San Diego Bay
Laurel Street Roadstead, transient mooring balls are available, just south of the Coast Guard Station and north of the Grape Street Pier No. 1 for vessels 20 feet to 65 feet in length. The SD Mooring Company has taken over administration of the moorages from the Port. Their address is 4980 N. Harbor Dr, San Diego, CA 92106 and they can be reached at 619/718-6260. These transient mooring balls are available for a maximum of 30 days in a 45-day period. These mooring are on a first come, first served basis.

Laurel Street Mediterranean Moorings (35' and under) There are 12 moorings which are located between the north side of Grape Street Pier No. 1 and the Coast Guard Station. Dinghy landings, public rest rooms and pay telephones are located nearby. These moorings are for transient vessels only, for a period of up to 30 days. Vessels must be between 19 and 50 feet overall.

America's Cup Harbor
Contact San Diego Mooring Company for more information on these moorings. Telephone number 619-718-6260.

Shelter Island Roadstead
Contact San Diego Mooring Company for more information on these moorings. Telephone number 619-718-6260.

Bay Bridge Roadstead (Coronado)
Contact San Diego Mooring Company for more information on these moorings. Telephone number 619-718-62606.

Mission Bay
The San Diego Lifeguard Service issues permits for two types of long term boat storage on Mission Bay -- moorings and beach bars.

     Owners of boats up to twenty-five (25) feet in length may apply
     for permits.

     Mooring Locations:
     San Juan Cove - Santa Barbara Cove - Mariners Basin

700 W. Harbor Dr., Suite 1805, San Diego, Ca. 92101   |   E-mail:

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