Think Facebook is Just for Kids?

We'll help you make sure you take full advantage of today's most effective and economical marketing tool - Facebook! We can help you launch and manage a successful Facebook strategy through various proven techniques we have mastered throughout the years.

Social Media marketing is the process of marketing a business or website by interacting with existing or potential customers through popular social networking websites. The intention is to drive traffic and exposure to your website. Social Media services include embedding popular social network share buttons on your business website.

How it Works
Generally speaking, an effort to promote a single article through social media channels will have a life cycle of something like this:

Therefore, you could think of social media marketing as analogous to building muscle, each time the effort is made, the overall strength (traffic and inbound links) increases.

So maybe now is the time to ask yourself some of these questions.

Question: When you type in your browser bar, What happens?
Answer: If the answer is "The page you requested could not be found", that's a problem, but one that can be corrected. But if you get to a page that someone else has established using your company name, you have a big problem. Don't take the chance that someone else will register your company name with the world's social media. You should get your name company registered with minimal contact information even if you don't plan to do anything else!

Question: Do I need social media for my business?
Answer: Nobody "needs" it, but those businesses that don't take advantage of it are missing out on today's most effective and free marketing/sales tool to ever come along.

Question: There's a social media something or other for darn near everything, which one should I choose?
Answer: For a business, we recommend Facebook as a must. Over half of Americans have a Facebook account; LinkedIn has a fraction of that amount, but it's preferred over Facebook by many business people.

Question: What about Twitter and Linked-In?
Answer: If you have any energy left over after getting set up on Facebook, Linked-In and Twitter should be next on your list because most iPhone and cell phone people use it on the go. The rule is though, don't set up any social media unless you intend to monitor and "feed" it (no pun intended). To set one up and ignore it is worse than not setting it up at all.

Question: O.K. I'm interested – But I still don't know what Facebook can do for my business and why it works.
Answer: Facebook is so powerful because it can extend your business contacts exponentially. If you post something interesting and useful that someone "likes", that person's friends are notified that he/she "liked" it, and if one of those people "like" it too, all of their friends are notified, and so on.

Question: Sounds great, why do I need to help me with this? Can't I do it myself?
Answer: Yes, you can, but why would you when for an initial setup fee will set up your Facebook business page, upload photos and videos, and follow it through to registration. Then if you like, we'll "feed" it for you with weekly posts until you get the hang of it yourself!

We get the last, last question: Why wait?

Give us a call today at 619-233-2007 to get started taking advantage of this great marketing and sales tool!

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