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Greetings Sun Harbor Mariners
Welcome to the February 2019 edition of the Sun Harbor Marina newsletter.

In this month's issue, we have interesting articles: Join us for some bubble fun on the 1st, The Tax Man Commeth, The Value of Community, our hot breakfast month pancake recipe from Mark McDade and Docking like a Pro.

We remind those persons under 25 years old that they may now need to have a valid Boater License to operate a motorized vessel on California waterways. Other articles this month cover the symptoms of CO2 gas buildup on your boat during the winter months; plus a story discussing the need to be on the lookout for traces of, all things - termites on your boat.

Lastly, in the fun category, we profile a new boating App; a new space saver product; and a reminder that January is San Diego Sunroad Boat Show month - Don't miss it!

Marina News
The laundry room is up and running. Check out the ShinePay app with your smart phone – you won't need quarters anymore.

Final reminder: The WiFI SPECIAL discounted rate for Marina tenants is still on until the end of January. Extreme WiFi's special offer to Sun Harbor Marina tenants will save you $20.00 a month for high-speed internet access but you must act by January 31st.

Sun Harbor will be the first Marina to participate in the GEEC program with the Green Business Network at the Port of San Diego. This will start in March and is organized as a competition with prizes. During the program, participants will learn how to save energy and money through three modules: energy basics, plug loads, and solar & storage. There are limited spaces to join as active participants so I encourage you to sign up today. Come up and see us in the office and we will tell you more about it.

Meet the Newest Member of Your Sun Harbor Marina Team
We would like to introduce you to our newest team member at the Marina, Kristina Bennett. Kristina is a professional singer & performer, as well as a voice & music instructor. She went on a music tour by bicycle with her band from Oakland, and is a passionate environmentalist, cyclist, and yoga, meditation lover. Kristina is honored to be working for the top LEED certified marina in San Diego and is looking forward to meeting each of you.

Kristina will be sharing her musical talents with us in the near future. You won't want to miss the opportunity to be part of the music by peddling a bike for electricity!

Special Dates in February
February is Hot Breakfast Month. Check out the marina recipe by the McDade’s for Pancakes.

February 1st      National Freedom Day &
                        Bubble Gum Day
February 2nd      Groundhog Day
February 7th      Wave All Your Fingers at Your
                        Neighbor Day

February 8th      Boy Scouts Day
February 9th      Pizza Day – stop by
                        Pizza Nova & try a new topping
February 14th     Valentine's Day
February 18th     President's Day
February 19th     King Tide
February 26th     Personal Chef Day (make some
                         pancakes from Mark's recipe!)

Marina Event
We will be hosting Bubble Gum Day on February 1. Come up to the office any time on Friday for a piece of bubble gum. Blow the biggest bubble for a chance to win!

And looking ahead, Sun Harbor Marina Activities for 2019

March 23rd Blue Guard: Oil and Fuel detector with the World's first smart bilge pump switch – Tom Jarvis (Join us to learn how to protect your vessel, the world's waters, and the environment through high water, oil detection, and prevention of fuel spills)

May 28th               Memorial Day Breakfast
                            Bonanza Potluck
June 8th                National Marina Day
September 21st     Coastal Clean-up Day
October 12th         Annual Chili Cook-off

COMING SOON: Marina Movie Night on the upper deck!

Marina Minute - Property Tax
Information on property tax due for boat owners can be found at this link. Remember that property tax is due on all boats in the marina. The marina is required by the county to send them a list of boats at the beginning of the year. The county sends someone out at random throughout the year to check the lists.

Dock Like a Pro
- By Captain John www.skippertips.com

If you want to dock a boat like a pro, you need to think defensive. And that begins with three often forgotten tests before you approach any pier, seawall, wharf, slip, or mooring ball. Put these three steps onto your pre-docking check-list today for less stress and more success!

Arm yourself with confidence when you know how the elements will affect your boat, your engine will react to throttle and shifter, and your boat will drift when stopped with no way on. Make the three vital tests below standard procedure aboard your boat. That way, you will know that your boat will answer your commands when you need them.

Read More
Laura's Blog - The Value of Community
- By Laura Brownwood
One of my favorite things about boating and having a slip in a marina is COMMUNITY. People who "escape" their regular life and come to their boat are usually in a "lighter" frame of mind. Even if there is much work to do on the vessel, they still have come down to the water where life is different. Seagulls soar, occasional sea lions swim by and people are having fun.

A pleasant memory of my 10 years on the water, is inviting anyone who was new to the marina to come for a visit on my boat. Oh the amazing conversations I enjoyed, and oh the things I learned. To this day I am still connected with many, formerly strangers, that became friends on the dock.

There are actually health benefits of having a community of friends. Studies show a reduced risk of depression, high blood pressure and an unhealthy body mass index (BMI). They have even found that older adults with a rich social life are likely to live longer than their peers with fewer connections.

February 7th is officially, "Wave All Your Fingers at Your Neighbor Day." It is recommended on this day to greet your neighbor with a big wave touting the importance of waving with all of your fingers BECAUSE it's Wave All Your Fingers at Your Neighbor Day :o} With this small gesture of kindness comes a good feeling for both of you. It much friendlier than to simply nod and pass by each other.

Those visiting Sun Harbor Marina are truly fortunate for a number of reasons:

  • friendly neighbors
  • friendly, helpful and fun marina staff
  • the likes of Van Johnson, who cleans the bottoms of boats, who's very friendly, volunteers at the marina's Coastal Clean Up Day, as well as in the community at large as a Merit Badge Counselor; along with other helpful and friendly contractors
  • location to friendly restaurants just steps away
  • access to OEX paddle board rental . . . just hop on a board and enjoy conversations with those sitting in their cockpits

Friendliness goes a long way. As stated there are health benefits for you, but you are also giving a gift to those you encounter. There are some touching stories where an act of kindness has made a HUGE different in the life of someone in need. Start practicing now so you will be good at it by February 7th

Laura Brownwood
The BeachHouse Team 619-994-4999

Marina Recipes -
Mark McDade's Pancakes
This month we bring you Mark McDade's wonderful pancake recipe for cold winter mornings.

Mix dry ingredients in one bowl
3 cups flour
1 tsp salt
2 tbsp sugar
3 tsp baking powder
½ tsp nutmeg

Mix wet ingredients in another bowl
2 whole eggs
4 tbsp vegetable oil
3 cups milk
1 tsp vanilla

Pour wet ingredients into dry ingredients. Mix with spoon by hand. Leave lumpy. Just wet enough to pour and spread naturally on the grill. (Add milk if necessary to thin.)

A Final Note of Thanks
In closing, a big shout out to Brian Ortiz for alerting us to trespassers on the docks and to Jesse Heilig for helping to avert a boat collision and for expert maneuvering to pull a stuck boat back into its slip. A grateful thank you to Matt Gotbaum for jumping in to help when a car ran into the railing by Pizza Nova.

As winter moves along don't forget we have more very high tides (and lows) in February on the 18th and the 19th of the month.


That's it for Us!
We wish everyone a wonderful new year! To follow our daily updates, please visit our Facebook Page. We also welcome your Comments on Yelp.

Best Regards,
Lisa Rustin and the Sun Harbor Marina Staff

Free App Lets Boaters Find the Nearest Pump Out Facility
Cruising in an unfamiliar area and need to find a pump out facility? Pumpout Nav is a free iOS and Android mobile app that allows boaters to find the nearest sewage pumpout.

Updated and re released by the California Department of Boating and Waterways in spring 2018, the app also gives boaters statewide information on the operational status of nearby pumpouts, as well as cost and hours, the exact location within the marina, and guidance on how to pump out.

The app was first developed by California State Parks Division of Boating and Waterways' Clean Vessel Act (CVA) Program for boaters in the San Francisco Bay/Delta and Southern California regions and has been picked up by CVA programs in other states.

Boaters in Oregon and along Lake Champlain in the New York/Vermont/Quebec region can now find the location of publicly accessible pumpouts in their areas as well.

For more information or to download the free App, Click Here.

Captain Kevin's Corner - Surviving the Dreaded Survey Process
- By Captain Kevin Dammeyer
Greetings everyone. Two years ago, I made a dramatic career change. I went from being a licensed Captain with over 10,000 hours as a professional private boating instructor training boaters with all different levels of experience (even other Captains),– to now being a licensed Captain who is also a yacht broker.

When I was first approached about writing a column for BlueSkyNews.com, I pondered what I could offer to readers that could be interesting and informative when someone said, "Kevin – what surprised you most when you became a broker?"

I surprised even myself by my immediate answer. I said, "The true cost of deferred maintenance".

After transitioning into sales two years ago, the biggest challenge I have been facing as a sales broker is surviving the dreaded survey process in the sale of a pre-owned boat (and I know I'm not alone here on this).

The fact is as I now know, whether you're the owner of the vessel being sold or the sales agent involved with the sale, the most critical and determining factor of whether or not the sale will go through is the survey.

Unfortunately, many deals fall apart at this stage of the sale, and what's even more unfortunate is this is often due to issues that could have been easily avoided and prevented.

Of course as an instructor I was aware of maintenance issues on the boats I was working with, but I wasn't viewing them in terms of their effect on the potential sale of a vessel. I also was unaware of the way that one neglected system can over time "infect" neighboring systems.

The bottom line is that deferred maintenance always ends up costing the vessel's owner much more money down the road than if the maintenance was performed within recommended intervals. Easier said than done, of course.

Another observation I have made as a broker is that the one system that seems to be neglected on boats most often is the cooling system. Seeing a heat exchanger with a substantial blockage of corrosion is a turnoff, for example. This has been one of the most prevalent issues I have experienced with surveys and, in turn, has been a big influence on affecting a sale.

Well – That's it for me for my first go as a contributing author - please send me an email if you have some questions or suggestions for future articles. I am pleased to be the first person to be selected by BlueSkyNews.com to present a broker's point of view to our readers.

Kevin is a licensed captain who has an extensive career performing private instruction to boaters with all different levels of experience from the novice to other captains. In his years of training boaters, he has accumulated over 10,000 hours as a professional instructor. Kevin transitioned into yacht sales with Silver Seas Yachts a few years ago and now is assisting many of his clients in selling and purchasing boats. You can reach him by email to Kdammeyer@SilverSeasYachts.com.

San Diego Sunroad Boat Show Starts Thursday, January 24th
Don't miss the 2019 San Diego Sunroad Boat Show being held Thursday, January 24th through Sunday, January 27th at the Sunroad Resort Marina. Click Here to see a fun YouTube Show Preview!

Go on board and see a wide variety of new & pre-cruised Sailboats and Motor Yachts at the In-Water Display

  • On-land exhibits feature dozens of marine vendors with the latest nautical products & services.

  • Sample delicious food and drinks sponsored by local San Diego restaurants.

    Enjoy special boating events including free boat rides.

  • Boat Show Hours:
    Thursday  Jan. 24th   12:00pm - –6:00pm Friday      Jan. 25th    12:00pm - –6:00pm Saturday  Jan. 26th    10:00am –- 6:00pm Sunday    Jan. 27th    10:00am –- 6:00pm

  • Admission:
    Adults - $15
    Children 12 & under, free.
    Active Military, EMTs, Police and Fire personnel are free on Thursday, January 24th and Friday, January 25th with ID.

For more information or to purchase advance tickets, please Click Here.

Christian Marine Surveyors

Dealing With Termites on Boats
- By Kells Christian
While airborne termites do not do as much damage as subterranean termites, they can never-the-less be a problem for boaters. Even fiberglass boats use wood in their construction for bulkheads, stingers, interior and core.

I find evidence of termites and / or termite damage on roughly 5% of the vessels I survey and recently received an email asking for termite confirmation (via a photo) and for a termite company referral.

Termite "kick out" is brown and black particles that are similar in appearance to saw dust. The "kick out" accumulates directly below the termites' holes. Airborne termite wings are another indication of termites aboard the vessel.

While airborne termites eat slowly, and the damage they cause is often not of structural significance, they are often significant at the time of sale. They arouse fear due to the uncertainty surrounding them.

How much damage was done? How do I get rid of them? How much will it cost?

There are numerous methods for treating termites. Orange Oil treatment, localized chemical extermination, microwave and whole boat fumigation. Products can be purchased for the do-it-yourselfer and there are numerous professional exterminators available.

Perhaps the most important lesson is to address them as quickly as possible, limiting the damage and reducing the cost of treatment.

While there is no legal requirement to address termites, as there is in real estate, they have caused problems with sales and are fairly easily detectable. If you see "kick out" or termite wings or bodies, be pro-active. Determine the extent of damage, repair as necessary, exterminate appropriately and remove the remnants to allow detection of any future infestation.

One San Diego exterminator said the average price for taping and sealing a 100' vessel is $4,500 but prices vary depending on the size and difficulty of sealing off the vessel.

Kells Christian has been an accredited Marine Surveyor since 1990. His expertise extends to both recreational and commercial vessels. You can e-mail your marine surveyor questions to kells@themarinesurveyors.com or Click Here to visit his web site.


Knowing The Symptoms of Carbon Monoxide Gas Buildup on Your Boat
- By Bob Simons
There is a very real danger of Carbon Monoxide (CO) accumulation in your boat during the winter months when we tend to have things more or less closed up to retain the warmth.

Carbon Monoxide is a gas produced by burning any and all kinds of fuel. Running your boat's engine or generator can cause Carbon Monoxide to accumulate in the living and sleeping spaces, as can propane use, natural gas use, etc.

You can't see, smell, or taste carbon monoxide. But if you breathe too much of it, it can become deadly within minutes.

Whether winter or summer, be aware that the following symptoms in yourself or others may be an indicator or warning of carbon monoxide poisoning:

  • Headache
  • Confusion
  • Shortness of breath
  • Weakness or Fatigue
  • Dizziness
  • Unstable gait (stumbling around)
  • Nausea & vomiting
  • Unconsciousness

The only treatment for carbon monoxide poisoning is to replace the carbon monoxide in the victim's blood with oxygen.

At a minimum, the victim will have to breathe high concentrations of oxygen for a long time to reverse the poisoning. In worst case scenarios, victims must be treated in barometric chambers, which provide 100% oxygen in high-pressure environments.

Carbon Monoxide poisoning is 911 time. Get help immediately! Perform CPR for one minute before calling 911 if you are alone. Otherwise, have someone else call and begin CPR.

Get the Person to Fresh Air - Move the person away from carbon monoxide area. If the person is unconscious, check for injuries before moving.

Turn off carbon monoxide source if you can do so safely.

Mild exposure is treated with oxygen and monitoring of carbon monoxide levels. Severe carbon monoxide poisoning may require high doses of oxygen therapy

Bob Simons ImageBob Simons has been in the Coast Guard Auxiliary for thirty years and owns a sailboat as well as a powerboat. He teaches classes in Boating Safety & Seamanship as well as Basic and Advanced Coastal Navigation. Bob is also the co-owner of Seabreeze Books and Charts

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